Resignation from teaching

In Milestones by Classtoglass

I officially resigned from my well paid and mostly well respected teaching job on Wednesday 28th September, though I guess you could kind of say I’d actually resigned three weeks earlier when I first voiced my intentions to my Principal. I had to; I had applied for a promotion. I knew I had no intention of staying, so the prospect of wasting the time of everyone interviewing me just didn’t sit right.

Voicing my wonderfully kooky plans to someone outside of my inner circle and to someone I respect a lot was nerve wracking. What if he had taken this bizarre leap of faith as an insult, having only appointed me at the start of the year? What if he had a button hidden under his desk that would instantly blacklist me from the teaching profession at his will? What if he just laughed in my face?

Thankfully he responded with a manner that has been similar to the reaction of many others on learning my plans – with positivity and excitement. Oh there have been a few worried onlookers, my Dad for one, bless him, but on a whole the encouragement and support I have received from my family, colleagues and friends has really highlighted how lucky I am to have this opportunity and has given me the determination to reach for the wine…(industry!)