Our wine cellar

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Whats in our fridge?

A couple of people have asked us what we have in our wine cellar over the last few months.  As a result, Phil has been working hard on putting together a custom page to try and bring you some details of whats in our wine fridge at home.  The new page, along with a new menu, is now up on the site!  You’ll find the new ‘Our Wine Cellar’ page under the ‘Our Story’ menu.  Search through our collection using a text search, or select a particular grape varietal or wine region to research.   Look out for a “Class To Glass Notes” section which will appear where we have opened one of the bottles and reviewed it.

our wine cellar screenshot

We’re collecting more wines at each winery we visit and we will add these to the site as we go.

Have a peek into Our Wine Cellar and see if you can find any of your favourites!  Feel free to let us know if you have any comments or questions