Offer letter! Let the next phase begin….

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Christmas has come early to the Davison household! On the second day of advent, I was sent my official offer letter for a place on a Bachelor of Agriculture and Technology course. I had been avidly awaiting to hear this news for nearly five weeks. On this course I will get the opportunity to specialise in viticulture and winemaking, and this is another important step on the path to making our dreams come true.

I must admit that my confidence, post dropping off my completed application to Melbourne Polytechnic, had waned significantly during the time that had passed. Well a lot has happened… We started a website based on tracking my journey for a start! Whilst I realise that this may have been a somewhat presumptuous, it was essential to me that this journey started whilst I was still teaching. Just this small involvement in the industry has had me captivated already. It certainly helped give me the patience to wait for this opportunity, rather than jump at any other options that became apparent.

My offer letter for the Viticulture course has finally arrived!

My offer letter for the Viticulture course has finally arrived!

Good news!

The tension grew as I neared the end of my final term in full-time teaching employment. With just two days to go and a few rather nervous emails to the university, I finally got word that the next huge step towards our dreams would begin on 20th February 2017.

With the stress lifted I felt great. I immediately wanted to celebrate in the best, and indeed most obvious, way I could – with Champagne. First I informed all of my nearest and dearest. Then I sauntered out into the summer sunshine for a glass of Charles Heidsieck Brut Reserve Champagne at one of my favourite wine bars locally. I am really looking forward to turning my amateur enthusiasm into wine expertise.