My first results are in!

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Deep in the midst of my mid year break, a shadow of uncertainty has just been lifted. Until today I was trying to forget that the first results for my Bachelor of Agriculture and Technology – Viticulture and Winemaking course were looming. Sure, some parts of semester one have been easy to grasp with my academic history, but others like Wine Marketing were more challenging. However, the pressure of expectation was heavy. After all, I have given up a teaching career of over ten years in pursuit of wine.


Well, I am happy to announce that I haven’t let you all down… I am delighted with my first semester results, all over 90%.  Most surprising was Wine Marketing at 90%, which was enjoyable but in many ways, brand new to me.

Looking forward

I am really excited to move into semester two. This time the focus will be on Viticulture, rather than Winemaking. I have chosen a first year unit in Vineyard Management combined with a third year unit in Vine Physiology. I am really looking forward to getting out into the majestic vines and learning how to prune and maintain them. My wine sensory skills will be developed further too, with a second year unit on Wine Evaluation combined with my WSET2 sommelier exam. Finally, to complete this semester’s hand: Wine Chemistry 2, to satiate my nerdy side.

It is going to be tough, that is for sure. Bring it on!

Term starts on 17th July, however I will be stewarding at the KPMG Syney Royal Wine Show for the first week. Don’t worry though, I’ll be sure to catch up and tell you all about it…