Application for the course has just gone in!

Application in – fingers crossed!

In Milestones by Classtoglass

Today I took the biggest step so far towards a career in the Australian wine industry. After almost 10 months of staring at the website, dreaming, discussions and financial planning, the day finally came when I was able to submit my university application. I am applying for a spot on the Bachelor of Agriculture and Technology undergraduate course, specialising in viticulture and winemaking at Melbourne Polytechnic.

This is the start of a new era for the Davisons down-under. Ultimately we would like to have our own business in the wine industry – one that we can be proud of. Whilst we appreciate that it is not going to be easy and it is unlikely we will make a lot of money, we just want to ‘like what we do and do what we like’ – in essence, wine. Ever since I experienced my first tasting menu at Downe House School, I have wanted to really know about wines and several tasting sessions in the Yarra Valley, Red Hill and Barossa wine regions had cemented this idea.

Over the years I have been inspired by the many entrepreneurs and philanthropists that have been drafted in to motivate the students in my care. They all shared a common message; you need to be determined to work hard to achieve your goals. Anything is possible. Though I have been told that I’m quite good at teaching, I have always felt hungry for more and not quite sure how to get there. It is time to put this brain sponge to use again and soak up all the knowledge I can to make our dreams come true. I’d like to get up every morning and instead of living for the next weekend, enjoy every new challenge each day holds. The journey will be a long one indeed, but I am at the starting gates, blinkered and raring to go.