Phil and I moved to Melbourne from the South of England in September 2015, shortly after getting married. There is no denying that moving to a place this rich in culture and entertainment changes you. Having lived here previously, Phil knew what to expect, but I was a little more resistant to our new adventure. The decision to up-sticks and move from our grown-up lives as a Chemistry Teacher and IT Consultant to start again on the other side of the world was a no-brainer for him, but as an only child, the separation from my close family and friends was tough. Within a few months of our arrival I was teaching in a Catholic school in the western suburbs and Phil was back being an IT nerd. We moved to a gorgeous apartment in Port Melbourne and that could have been the end of the story…

However, as I became more immersed in the fabric of city life my eyes began to open to the wealth of potential surrounding me. I suddenly felt inspired, like I could do or achieve anything at all if I wanted to here. My interests became passions and possibilities have become opportunities. This was bad news for my ailing teaching career, as I became more and more hungry for change. I have a PhD in Biochemistry, which instead of seeming to reassure my students (as it had in the UK,) served to induce pity and wonder at why I was merely a teacher in their school. I wanted to use my brain for a new a new challenge that would embrace both my education and one of my oldest interests – wine.

At thirty five, I appreciate that I had left it a little late for such a left-field swing to a new career, but until we moved to Victoria it had never been an option. Here, surrounded by some of the best and most accessible wine regions in Australia, I could study for a degree in Viticulture and Winemaking, and that is where this new journey begins. When you have a husband who agrees to support you through another three years of university on a quest for a new life in the Australian wine industry, it must be meant to be.

So join us on this adventure from the classroom, as I share the path to a new career in wine; the course, the work experience and my transition from enthusiast to expert.

Andi Roberts-Davison